General Information
The PIABA Bar Journal seeks concise writing on interesting and fresh topics in the areas of securities litigation, securities regulation, alternative dispute resolution and finance as it relates to investments or litigation. 

Our readership is generally very conversant in securities litigation and arbitration.  A level of familiarity with basic concepts in litigation, securities, and finance can be assumed.

We are seeking succinct rigorous articles.  While we expect sufficient citations to relevant authorities, footnotes and sections added for pedantic purposes will be removed during editing or may be reason for rejection. 

The Journal welcomes articles from all sources.  Individuals interested in contributing or with questions regarding article ideas, or submission requirements, should contact Editor-in-Chief, Jason Burge or Managing Editors, Makoa Kawabata and Elliot Rosenberger for assistance. Prospective articles are juried for publication consideration. To help authors improve their chances for publication, the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief is available to discuss article ideas.

Recent Arbitration Awards
If you have received an Award that may be of interest to PIABA members, please forward the completed Arbitration Award Report Form to Tiffany Zachary.

Student Submissions: The PIABA Bar Journal welcomes student and young lawyer submissions at any time.  Our Editors often offer guidance so as to elevate student articles to a publishable quality.  Consideration is given to the content of the articles and their usefulness to our readers.  The range of publishable topics is limitless.  Students seeking a Journal article topic and/or possessing a desire to do work with an experienced practitioner on an article may also contact our editors.

Submission Deadlines
The 2024 article submission deadlines are as follows:

                           Volume 31 Issue 1         February 5
                           Volume 31 Issue 2         June 11
Submission Requirements
Articles shall be submitted in word format pursuant to the following:
1.   One inch margins top, bottom and sides.
2.   Single Space text; double space between paragraphs.
3.   Do not indent paragraphs.
4.   Put the title of the article at the top followed by the author’s name and a short author biography.
5.   Font is times new roman, 11 pitch; footnotes are 10 pitch
6.   Use footnotes rather than endnotes.
7.   Other than footnotes, do not use footers or headers.
8.   Articles shall be submitted for black and white reproduction.
9.   Attachments should be a clear, quality copy suitable for reproduction, and must comport to the page print size of 4 3/4 x 7 1/4. PIABA will not accept attachments that do not meet these specifications.
10.  Attachments including a copy right, require reprint permission  submitted in writing from the author or publisher to PIABA. PIABA will not accept attachments that have a copyright without this required written authorization.
11.  PIABA reserves the right edit or reformat materials as required.

Prospective articles are juried and may be submitted for consideration by the PIABA Bar Journal Board-of-Editors through the Article Submission Form or by email attachment to Editor-in-Chiefs, Makoa Kawabata, Elliot Rosenberger,  Managing Editor, Christopher Gray or Jennifer Shaw.