Welcome to the Find An Attorney section of the PIABA website, designed to assist you in obtaining representation in your securities arbitration dispute. As you begin your search for an attorney, recognize that there can be time restrictions for filing a securities claim, so you should act promptly to protect your right to file a claim.

To help evaluate your case, most PIABA members will provide a 20-30 minute initial consultation at no charge. Evaluation or representation beyond the initial consultation by any attorney you consult may require a fee. Although some PIABA members will accept cases on an hourly fee basis only, many members will accept cases on a contingency fee basis as well. As with any professional service, you are encouraged to discuss and confirm the cost of any evaluation, filing fees, and expected cost of representation, prior to meeting with any attorney.

Searching for an Attorney
There are two ways to conduct your search for an attorney, by state or zip code. A state search will provide you with a list members within the state selected. A zip code search will provide you with a roster of members who have an office within a certain distance of your zip code. As you conduct your search, you will find that some PIABA members elect to provide additional information about their qualifications and services. These members are readily identified by the gray background surrounding their entry. Information provided may include a photograph, biographical information, and/or resume. To access the biographical information provided by the member, click on the member name, or photograph.

Small Claim Representation

While it may sometimes be difficult to find attorneys willing to handle small dollar claims, PIABA has many members who are committed to assisting investors with such claims. You may narrow your search criteria with the “Willing To Take Cases” dropdown to search for attorneys who have indicated a willingness to consider representation of smaller dollar cases.

International Representation
PIABA has members who represent investors internationally. To obtain the names of PIABA members that practice internationally, from the "Willing to Take Cases" search box select "Willing to take International Cases". Select "Apply". A list of all PIABA members willing to take International Cases is generated. To narrow the search to PIABA Members willing to take International Cases in your area, include "Search by" (select "State" from the drop down box) and "State" (select the your state). Select "Apply". This latter result provides a list of attorneys in your State willing to take International Cases.

Once you have finalized your search, feel free to contact any of the attorneys on the roster to inquire about legal assistance.

Other Sources of Arbitration Assistance
Investors in some states with limited income or small dollar claims who find it difficult to locate counsel may wish to contact one of the Securities Arbitration Clinics. The clinics are staffed by law students who work under the supervision of faculty members and arbitration practitioners at the sponsoring law schools. For more information on clinic programs, visit University Law Clinics.

Access and Use Disclaimer: By utilizing the Find An Attorney area of the PIABA website, you agree and represent that your sole purpose in accessing Find An Attorney is to locate an attorney who might be able to advise or represent you in a legal matter, and you expressly agree that you will not use information gained from access to the site for any other purpose.

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