For their service and contributions to Public Investors Advocate Bar Association (PIABA), Philip Vujanov, Courtney Werning, Omar Bengali, and Brent Burns were named recipients of the 2022 PIABA Outstanding Service Award at the 2022 PIABA Annual Meeting.

Philip Vujanov A member of PIABA since 2016, Philip Vujanov is Editor-in-Chief of the PIABA Bar Journal. In addition to serving on the PIABA Bar Journal Board of Editors, Mr. Vujanov has served on the Mid-Year Meeting & Webinars, Arbitration, RIA and SRO Committees. Under his leadership, the Editors kicked it up a notch this year, adding, “What’s in a PB&J?”.  Phil is also a member of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, and the Orange County Bar Association.

Courtney Werning

Courtney Werning joined PIABA in 2012 and fresh out of law school.  She has chaired the Annual Meeting, SRO, Mid-Year and Webinar Committees and served on the Diversity Committee.  Mrs. Werning has written for the PIABA Bar Journal and was recently featured in “What’s in a PB&J” program.  Courtney was recently made partner at her firm Meyer Wilson and was elected to the Board of Directors during the PIABA Annual Meeting.

Omar Bengali

Brent Burns

Although they have served on the PIABA Legislation Committee for a number of years, they have worked together as co-Chairs for the past three years. Both served on the newly established Policy Committee this past year as well.


Leading Legislation is no small task. They helped draft and finalize the materials for distribution to the Hill, provide talking points to members, and worked with the Mid-Year Meeting Committee to provide training to members in preparation for their Hill visits, both in person and virtually.


PIABA recognizes and offers its gratitude to Omar Bengali & Brent Burns for their efforts and work on behalf of PIABA members and investors.

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to 
Jennifer Shaw, Executive Director