Benefits of Membership
Various levels of membership, each with distinct benefits, are available to Attorneys, Law School Arbitration Clinic Directors, Retired Attorneys, Regulators, Paralegals, and Law Students. The five classes include: Regular Members; Regulator Members; Retiree Members; Paralegals/Legal Assistants, and Law Student Members. Each class of membership has access to the on-line version of the PIABA Bar Journal. The Journal may be searched by article or members may elect to read (or print) the full editions of individual Journals.

Referrals (Regular Members)
Currently, FINRA, the Securities and Exchange Commission and many State Securities Divisions and Commissions refer investors to PIABA for attorney assistance. Upon request, PIABA will provide the names of attorneys practicing in the area for referral purposes. Additionally, the investing public may search FIND AN ATTORNEY by state or zip code on the PIABA website. While providing not the main purpose of PIABA, it is a service we provide to investors and our members. Attorneys are referred by e-mail, mail or through the PIABA website. Although the membership roster is published to members annually, it is updated daily for referral purposes.

PIABA List-Serves (Regular Members)
PIABA launched its web site at in October, 1998. The following spring, PIABA created its first member list-serve to facilitate on-line member communication. Once admitted to PIABA, members are automatically subscribed to the member’s, and where available, state list serves. It should be noted, however, that subscribing to any list-serve is entirely voluntary.

PIABA Student List-Serve (Law Student Members; Member Mentors)
Available for use by PIABA Law Student Members, this list-serve is open to students and invited PIABA members who have volunteered to serve as mentors to the student membership.

Members Only Site
Also available on the PIABA web site is a Members Only area. While some areas are open to all classes of members, several are available to full members only.

Arbitration Awards Database (all classes of members). The PIABA Awards Database includes over 47,000 FINRA (formerly NASD), NYSE, CBOE and AAA awards. These are searchable PDF files of the award as submitted to PIABA by the various arbitration forums.

PIABA Bar Journal (all classes of members). The PIABA Bar Journal is published three times per year by the Association. It includes articles authored by highly respected arbitration practitioner's, experts and Law School Professors. Every Journal is included in this searchable database, as well as, all articles published in the The PIABA Quarterly published by PIABA from 1994 - 2001.

PIABA Administration (all classes of members). This area contains the by-laws, policies, list-serve guidelines, directors and committee information.

PIABA Membership Directory (all classes of members). The PIABA Membership Directory is compiled, published and mailed annually to all PIABA members, listing the business address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and website addresses. Members may request an additional copy of the PIABA Membership Directory while supplies last.

The on-line version of the PIABA Membership Directory is available to regular members and is housed in a searchable database where members may search for each other by name, firm, city or state. The database is updated as changes in directory information is provided to PIABA.

Expert, Consultant and Mediator Directory (all classes of members). In conjunction with the PIABA Annual Meeting, experts, consultants, mediators and arbitrators may provide information for the PIABA Expert, Consultant and Mediator Directory. This Directory includes general information and resumes of the experts, consultants, mediators and arbitrators attending the PIABA Annual Meeting. A copy of the Directory is included in Meeting registrants' materials. Upon return from the Annual Meeting, a copy is sent to all PIABA members not in attendance. Additional copies of the Expert, Consultant and Mediator Directory may be purchased by members for $30 per copy including postage and handling.

Bulletin Board (Members). Members may post messages and attach documents of interest to the membership in this area of the site. We have found this to be an extremely useful way of disseminating the full-text of documents pertinent to arbitration practice.

List-Serve Archive (Members).  This area is home to the member list-serve archive, a fully searchable database that includes e-mails sent by members through the member and various state list-serves.

PIABA Research Database (Members).  While not intended to replace your own research and writing, the Research Database includes sample documents (i.e., statements of claim, briefs, discovery materials, etc.) that may assist you with the preparation of arbitration documents.

Expert Database (Members). The Expert, Consultant and Mediator Database ("Expert Database") includes information regarding individuals who may be available to assist PIABA members with their cases. Members may search by name, as well as, areas of expertise. Many experts, consultants and mediators include a copy of their resume for use by PIABA members. (Inclusion in this directory should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of any participant by PIABA. Further, PIABA does not warrant or certify the qualifications or abilities of the participants.).

To apply for membership, select the Membership Application pertinent to your practice. Answer each question fully and forward all required documents. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. Applications may mailed to PIABA at:

PIABA Membership Committee
1225 W. Main St., Ste. 126
Norman, OK 73069

Applications may be submitted by fax to (405) 360-2063 or completed from the PIABA website. Annual dues are $495. PIABAPlus is an optional service, $100 per year. PIABA accepts check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

For additional information, contact Robin S. Ringo, PIABA, Executive Director, toll free, 1-888-621-7484 or by Email.


*Membership in PIABA may be denied or revoked by the PIABA Board of Directors for any reason at any time.