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Competition Rules Agreement

I understand that the selection of the winning entry is the sole responsibility of the James E. Beckley Student Arbitration and Law Writing Award Selection Committee, and I acknowledge that I have been provided with a copy of the competition procedures, to which I agree.

Article Distribution Agreement

This Agreement is made between The PIABA Foundation and

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At its election, The PIABA Foundation may publish in the PIABA Bar Journal the work entitled, 

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Now, therefore, the parties agree as follows:

1. The Contributor warrants and guarantees to The PIABA Foundation that the contribution is original on his or her part, except for such material from copyrighted sources as is reproduced with the written permission of the copyright holder, and is in no way a violation of, or an infringement upon, any copyright belonging to any third party. The Contributor shall indemnify and hold The PIABA Foundation harmless from any claims of infringement of copyright by any third party regarding the materials included in Contributor's manuscript.

2. Contributor does hereby assign to The PIABA Foundation the Work in its original or edited format, the right to print in any format and with any print service media, Contributor’s manuscript corresponding to the foregoing throughout the world.

3. The PIABA Foundation, in its sole discretion, will decide whether to register copyright for the Work in its own name and at its own expense.

4. If the work is printed in the PIABA Bar Journal, the Contributor shall receive two (2) copies of the PIABA Bar Journal containing the Work.

5. The Contributor shall receive no royalty payments from any publication sales of the Work.

6. This constitutes the entire agreement between The PIABA Foundation and the Contributor and supersedes any other understandings or terms, including those expressed in any invoice of the Contributor.

By signing and dating this Agreement, you acknowledge foregoing terms are satisfactory.
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