FEBRUARY 12, 2015
                    2:00 - 3:15 PM (EASTERN)

                            OF COUNSEL, LEVIN PAPANTONIO, ET AL

                            FOXHOUND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT

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It’s no secret that many attorneys are slow to adopt new technology. Ask any attorney. Yet, there are signs that the tide is turning. Numerous lawyers have successfully integrated innovations such as cloud computing, smartphones, and tablets into their practices, and are vigorously evangelizing the benefits of such technology to their colleagues. More and more attorneys are ringing the alarm bell – that attorneys who don’t get on the technology train are going to be left behind – and it appears that the message is beginning to sink in.

Some attorneys still believe that eDiscovery is something they can avoid. Many attorneys believe they’ll probably have to deal with it some day, but so far, none of their cases have required it. They believe that collecting electronically stored information (ESI) is something you only tackle if a judge requires it.

There is no legal matter that does not involve ESI today. None. Even if your client is a technological Luddite who refuses to use a computer, you still have to be concerned with the technology practices of the adverse party. It is your duty as an attorney to make yourself knowledgeable about how technology is being used every day by people and businesses, because those people and businesses will be your clients.
What you will learn:
     Electronically Stored Information, or ESI
     The phases of eDiscovery – data acquisition, how it is stored, processed,
     reviewed, and produced
     Native vs Image Production
     Digital Forensics aka Computer Forensics
     The Presentation Workflow
     Some things that will affect the budget
     What to ask an eDiscovery provider
A question and answer session will follow via the usual webinar format. Including questions and answers/responses, the webinar is scheduled for 75 minutes. Registration is limited to 100.
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