When: December 28, 2017, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern)

Moderator: David P. Meyer, Meyer Wilson Co., LPA

Speakers: Jeffrey R. Sonn, Sonn Law Group, PA
                  Adam Weinstein, Gana LLP

Description: This ethics seminar will explore various ethical issues affecting lawyers in arbitration such as conflicts of interest, duties owed to third parties, and the aggregate settlement rule. Moreover, attorneys will explore ethical issues involving the lawyer-as-a-witness rule, reasonable fee rules, and agreements that may improperly restrict the practice of law. Attorneys will be presented with various fact patterns and explore ethical rules used to prosecute attorneys in disciplinary proceedings from real cases. Further, attorneys will be given a model ethics test designed to examine ethical issues that may arise in arbitration cases. 

I. Duties Owed to Opposing or Third Parties  
     Fact Pattern 1 – Truthfulness in Statements to Others 
     Fact Pattern 2 – Communication with Persons Represented by Counsel  
     Fact Pattern 3 – Trial Publicity  
     Fact Pattern 4 – Candor Towards the Tribunal  
     Fact Pattern 5 – Impartiality and Decorum Towards the Tribunal (Ex Parte Contact)  
     Fact Pattern 6 – Using Derogatory Language Based on Race, etc.  
     Fact Pattern 7 – Imply Ability to Influence a Government Official  
     Fact Pattern 8 – Conduct Prejudicial to the Administration of Justice  
II. Conflicts of Interest  
IIA. Conflict of Interest – The Aggregate Settlement Rule  
     Fact Pattern 9  
IIB. Conflict of Interest - Generally  
     Fact Pattern 10 – No Sex with Clients  
     Fact Pattern 11 – Unreasonable Fees 
III. Ethical Obligations Regarding Confidentiality of FINRA Arbitration Information  

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