There are an estimated 12,000 registered investment advisers in the United States. From 2001 to 2015, assets under management of RIAs increased approximately 210 percent from $21.5 trillion to $66.8 trillion. As the number of RIAs grows, so too does the number of investors suffering losses at the hands of RIAs.  

If you’re taking or considering cases against independent RIAs, this webinar is for you.  In this 60-minute session, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of pursuing cases against independent RIAS.

Moderators                                        Speakers

Courtney M. Werning                          Robert S. Banks, Jr
Meyer Wilson Co., LPA                       Banks Law Office
Columbus, OH                                    Portland, OR

Richard A. Lewins                              Jane L. Stafford
Lewins Law                                        Stafford Law Firm, LLC
Dallas, TX                                          Prairie Village, KS


  • Case selection & insurance considerations 
  • Pre-filing demands
  • Forums
  • Regulatory oversight of RIAs  
  • Pleading strategies and causes of action
  • Discovery tools

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