2023 Mid Year Meeting

PIABA Mid-Year Meeting: Uncle Stan's Retirement Account Got Blown Up...Now What? will be held virtually via Zoom from 12 pm - 6:00 pm eastern on Thursday, April 27, 2023. Although the program is open to all individuals, this one-day CLE program is designed for attorneys, paralegals, regulators, educators, experts, consultants, mediators and (securities) arbitrators.

PIABA Mid-Year Meeting Agenda 
Uncle Stan's Retirement Account Got Blown Up...Now What? Retirees look forward to enjoying the fruits of their lifetime of hard work. But when a Financial Consultant/RIA makes poor recommendations, that money cannot be re-earned as the retiree is now on a fixed income. What practices and tactics should a securities arbitration practitioner consider in addressing these type claims. 

Mid-Year Meeting Registration
PIABA is now accepting meeting registrations for Uncle Stan's Retirement Account Got Blown Up...Now What? which will be held virtually via Zoom from 12 pm - 6 pm eastern on Thursday, April 27, 2023.  Please note that a $50 fee increase will apply to all registrations received on or after March 27, 2023. PIABA Mid-Year Meeting registration will close at 10 am eastern on April 27, 2023. 

PIABA Mid-Year Meeting Registration Fee
PIABA Member (all Member Sections) $250
Expert/Mediator/Non-Member $300
Regulator (State, SEC, FINRA) $300
Educators (including FT Faculty and Law Students $300
Speaker $250

Mid-Year Meeting Continuing Education
PIABA will apply for continuing education accreditation in all States where registrants request CLE credit on the Meeting Registration Form. In general, registrants may expect to receive 5-6 hours of credit. PIABA will apply for MCLE credit for individuals registered by February 24, 2023. After that date, PIABA will assist registrants seeking credit for the meetings, but will not be responsible for filing CLE applications or the application fees. 

Meeting and Registration Policies 
PIABA reserves the right to change speakers and/or session topics at any time for any reason without notice. Audio and video taping of conference events, general sessions, and break-outs is strictly prohibited. Individuals requiring financial assistance (reduction or waiver of the registration fee) may petition PIABA for such consideration. For more information, visit Meeting and Registration Policies.