Hill Day Registration Deadline* - Monday, May 9, 2022

Hill Day presents an excellent opportunity for PIABA Members to get involved in moving the Association mission forward. Members will have the opportunity to interact and network with members, Representatives, Senators and Staffers (mostly Staffers) and discuss issues of importance to investors and clients. 

Members are encouraged to participate in PIABA Hill Month as it is an excellent opportunity for them to meet other PIABA Members, meet with their Representative, Senators, and/or their Staffers, and tell their client stories. It has been said many times, but bears saying again - no one can tell client stories better than PIABA Members. YOU know the harm that has been, and likely will be again, inflicted on the investing public. YOU understand the intricacies of FINRA Arbitration. And, YOU see first-hand the results of these harms through your clients.

Hill Day Registration - Hill Day Registration Form
PIABA is accepting PIABA Hill Day registrations. As noted in prior years, setting meetings with Representatives, Senators and/or their Staffers is significantly easier if constituents are present for the meetings. Therefore, it is important for Staff to know who is participating in Hill Day. 

So that Staff may begin setting Hill appointments, at your earliest opportunity, but no later than May 9th, please complete the survey at  Once the survey is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the dates and times you noted as available. Until Staff can confirm your appointment schedule, please hold these dates and times in your calendar. 

Note that it may take one to three weeks to confirm Hill appointments.

Hill appointments have been assigned to specific dates and times based on geographical regions. As such, every date from June 6th through June 23rd will not be available to members. 

Week 1 (June 6-9) Week 2 (June 13-16) Week 3 (June 20-23)
Connecticut Alabama Arizona
DC Florida California
Maine Georgia Colorado
Maryland Illinois Hawaii
Massachusetts Indiana Nebraska
New Hampshire Iowa Nevada
New Jersey Kansas New Mexico
New York Kentucky Oregon
Ohio Louisiana Utah
Pennsylvania Michigan Washington
Virginia Minnesota  
West Virginia Mississippi  
  North Carolina  
  South Carolina  

*So that PIABA Staff may timely request and confirm Hill Meetings, Registrants are asked to register for Hill Day on or before Monday, May 9, 2022.

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